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London's Affray

Best Roleplay Community

We are London's Affray! We were founded on 9/11/19 by Tyler Lacey. We strive for enjoyment and realism. Our community has an excellent set of models, both ped and vehicle, that allow us to aim for that realism.

What you need to do to join

To join the community you need the following: A legal copy of Grand Theft Auto 5; A working Microphone; Discord (in our server); FiveM modification for GTA V; You must be 13 or over.

Why you should join

You should join London's Affray for several reasons. One of these reasons is that our Staff and Moderators/Administrators are very fair and impartial. Another reason is that the community owners are very open to new ideas and suggestions that our members have; we listen to our members! A third and final reason is that our high ranking members have experience in their respective departments that no other community members have.

What to expect

There are several things that members should expect from this RPC. One thing that a member should expect is good management from all Staff, Moderators and Administrators. Another thing is Serious RP; we ensure that all members of this RPC take their RP seriously to make sure that all members have fun and unforgettable experience during their time with the RPC. A third and final thing to expect is an outstanding range of vehicle and ped models that really bring the Realism into the Community.

Our Socials